100% Brand New of:

880 5000K 12V 27W Xtreme White Halogen Bulbs


  • Please check fitment according to vehicle compatibility list.
    *Compatibility list button is located on the top of the page right above the item price*

    Package Includes:
  • 2 x Bulbs

  • Our bulbs are manufactured to exceed regular standards for quality, performance, and safety. All of our bulbs are strictly inspected for each of these following categories before release to the market:
    1. Bulb base dimensions- Every bulb made is inspected to have accurate fitment into correct sockets designed for the bulb.
    2. Filament size and placement- Every filament inside our bulbs are placed exactly at the right places.
    3. Power consumption- Our bulbs are inspected to make sure the bulb doesn't overload or overheat the vehicle's wiring, switches and electrical system.
    4. Lifetime warranty

    If in any circumstances, the bulbs you've purchased from us went out, we will replace your bulbs for infinite times with no questions asked at all. Simply call us and say you want your warranty, we will charge $7.00 for shipping and handling for each set of replacement.

  • These are Xenon gas filled halogen bulbs, please do not mistake these as HIDs.
  • Other competitors market this as Xenon HIDs, that's false advertisement.
  • These halogen bulbs are direct replacement of your stock bulbs, requires no ballast.
  • Stock bulbs are yellowish and dimmer, ours are white and brighter, which creates better visibility and brightness.
  • Manufactured in approved facilities for durability and quality.

  • Bulb Type: 880
  • Voltage/Wattage: 12V 27W
  • Kelvin Temperature: 5000K (White)
  • Prongs: 2 (Please check with your bulb socket before purchase)
    ***IMPORTANT*** Please check your original bulb watts for best effect, if the bulb you are purchasing from us is a higher wattage than your stock bulb, please make sure your lights can handle the wattage, or else the high wattage might have negative effect on the wiring harness, socket, and the lens of the lights. Please do this if you are buying bulbs that has wattage higher than 65w. Example: 75w, 100w bulbs.

  • Take bulbs out along with socket from the back of your lights.
  • Carefully remove stock bulbs out from socket.
  • Check to make sure new bulbs have identical shape and prongs as stock bulbs.
  • Put in new bulbs into socket carefully, make sure the prongs are matching with insertion holes.
  • Put installed new bulbs along with socket back into your lights.
  • Done.

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